Okay someone please clarify the 2, 3 finger gesture for me?


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Jan 21, 2011
In SnowLeopard: 2 finger LEFT/RIGHT = scrolling the page left and right (if there is a horizontal scroll bar)
3 finger LEFT/RIGHT = Page BACK/Page Forward (In any browser AND in Finder windows)

In Lion: exact SAME THING. I had to go to System Preferences > Trackpad and change "Swipe between pages" from "2 fingers LEFT/RIGHT" to "3 finger LEFT/RIGHT". So it is now exactly the same as it was in SnowLeopard.

Wasn't it advertised that you can go page back/forward with 2 fingers? Why doesn't 2 finger left/right work in Finder/ANY browser and only work in Safari with cool animations..... but when I change it to 3 finger left/right, it works universally???

Why wont the default setting of "2 finger swipe between pages" work in finder windows I dont get this..

jive turkey

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Mar 15, 2008
I don't know. At first I had to swipe 2 fingers right to go back in Safari and 4 fingers left to go back in Finder, Preferences, etc. I just changed the setting to always use 3 fingers so things would be consistent, which works fine, we just miss the cute little animation in Safari.


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Dec 24, 2010
Not to mention if you want to go back in Safari you will have to change the direction of your swipe depending on whether you use two or three fingers to do the swipe. :confused:
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