okay someone teach me something about iTunes.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ozziegn, Nov 10, 2008.

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    here's the deal.

    I usually don't reformat my MBP too often but when I do, iTunes really gets on my nerves. I like so many people have an iPhone and of course I have my address book, custom ringtones, videos and music loaded on it through iTunes.

    the problem is that everytime I reformat my MBP, iTunes flips out and tells me if I hook up my iPhone and try to sync it that it will erase all the content on my iPhone. I thought that was the whole point in logging in my Apple ID and authorizing my computer so iTunes doesn't think I'm trying to share music or whatnot.

    so my question is, how can I reformat (when need be) w/o having iTunes erase the content on my iPhone? I've tried to back up my iTunes content on DVD but iTunes still does what it does.

    I hope the Macforums pros can throw me a suggestion or two.
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    The issue is occurring because of the reformat, and as far as I know, there isn't really a way around it. There might be a way you can save your iTunes data from your user Library or something like that. But, your iPhone (same with iPods) is set to automatically sync with iTunes, and is meant to only sync with one library. Once you reformat your computer you are erasing that tie between the iPhone and computer. When you plug your iPhone into your computer after the reformat, your iPhone and iTunes are meeting for the first time. Since you are asking it to sync with your library, it first needs to erase all of its content and then set its new library to that of your reformatted hard drive.

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