old 23" Cinema Display worth buying?

apple boy

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Apr 21, 2006
I thought maybe some people here might have advice.

Is the old (clear plastic) 23" cinema display worth getting at this point?

I know it's ADC and "old" but I don't think there's "huge" performance difference
between the old and aluminum ones. Plus the aluminum ones seem to have more defects.
It certainly still is a gorgeous display in my opinion but is being too "outdated" a reason not to get one?



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Nov 11, 2005
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They're still really nice monitors, but you have to remember that by now the backlight has quite a few hours on it and if that burns out it's a pretty expensive repair.


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Aug 24, 2003
backlights are cheap if you buy them yourself, i went for the alu, it still looks kick ass next to my G4 cube.


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Oct 19, 2004
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I've got a 20" ACD (the older style) and although it is beautiful and a pleasure to work on, there are a few side effects

1)It's heavy and takes up a lot of space for an LCD...yes, still a fraction of what a CRT would take up, but compared to modern LCD's it's rather bulky

2)The adjustment leaves something to be desired, even at it's most upright position the screen is still pointed up slightly from the desk. So it doesn't sit parallel with your face.

That being said, if you can get a decent price on the older 23" go for it, they are still great displays. But if your not shopping on price than the new Aluminum ones are probably a better choice.