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    Sep 3, 2009
    Hi Everyone. I can change my apple id on the web, no problem. I can sign out and put in the new one on my phone, no problem. I even managed to cure the problem of the old id popping up on my Iphone 4, although I cannot remember how. The real problem started when I then bought an Iphone 5 and connected it to my macbook and moved the contents of my Iphone 4 backup onto it.

    NOW the old apple id keeps popping up again, even when I start my email, which should have little to do with my account. Connecting to my photos in Icloud as well seems to be a problem as that was created under the old apple id. I cannot obviously connect to the old apple id any longer to delete it or anything.

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Can you sign in to your other Apple ID on iTunes on the computer? You can view previous purchases from there in the "View Account" section. Maybe you have a lingering app.

    Also, it sounds like you have 2 IDs/Accounts, since you can't delete/close accounts with apple. Not once they have been used to purchase.

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