"Old" but "Brand new" Motorola HS850 headset?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by ScrappyDoo80, May 15, 2010.

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    Jan 19, 2010
    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker, only occasional posts because I'm not as smart as everyone here , but could use your help.

    Basically I found my 'old' but virtually brand new Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset. I was given it in 05, right around the time I bought a Motorola V710? I believe for Verizon. I was only like 24 and got a very prestigious job as a manager/ex. dir of Sales and Marketing for a winery/vineyard and HAD to have the newest neatest phone,and at the time I liked Motorola anyway, and the Verizon guy said the V710 was THE BOMB DIGGITY (we all know how that worked out).... anyway for pulling an especially big work/nonwork related favor for a coworker/higherup he gave me the HS850 bluetooth headset which again, at the time, was a big big deal. Shortly after I left the job and it's been sitting around hidden in a back of my dresser drawer until presto!

    My only other exp. was in March I bought the $100 Motorola bluetooth/hidef/stereo/etc. headset from BestBuy... I LOVED LOVED IT but it wasn't completely comfortable... it was just naggingly uncomfortable on the left side and I couldn't get comfortable with it. If I walked my pup for an hour, 55 mins I was adjusting it or pi$$ed at it, but the sound and voice qual was Redonk... I even considered UPGRADING, they seem to also have like a $300 version , but BestbUY Was so rude i was like, TAKE YOUR ***** AND GIMMA MAH MONAY! :p

    So sorry for the dissertation.... I broke open the HS850, charged it up overnight, googled some instructions, and had successfully got it connected to my 32GB 3GS... BUT... All I can do is talk phone conversations with it? No music? My primary need of such thing is for walking the dog, we take long walks... So in this case I would have to bring head phones with a cord AND the bluetooth in order to listen to music while waiting for a call? Kinda defeats the purpose no? Any ideas/clues/tips? Thanks thanks all Scrap
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    Sep 29, 2008
    This headset does not support A2DP. The only way to get it to work how you want is to jailbreak and install Bluetooth Mono

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