old cinema display with new mac pro

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Jigga Beef, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Jan 11, 2009
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    So after over a year of saving up I finally got my custom configured Mac Pro yesterday! After carefully taking it out of the box and I tried to hook it up to my 4 year old APPLE cinema display (20 inch) and to my extreme dismay that monitor does not hook up to the Mac Pro DVI port.

    After a about 15 minutes on hold with tech. support which is where i was routed by the "smart" computer voice on the phone, I got transfered to customer support and waited for about 20 mins this time. I was told that I need to buy a DVI to ACD adapter, which costs $99 dollars. So i raised the point that the person at the apple store told me "all apple displays will work with a mac pro" and the fact i just spent 3,800 dollars and as a college student i truly can't afford to put another 100 dollars into my computer. I said i wouldn't have as much of a gripe if it wasn't an Apple display. I raised the point that i am a Mobile Me subscriber, pro care memeber, multipule iPod owner, iPhone user and that i am generally happy with Apple but this wasn't right

    I was than transfered to customer relations who said "they understood why i was mad" and the only thing they could offer me was a 10% off coupon, if i spent over 100 dollars or more. So the adaper i need was JUST under that.

    Any ideas?? I wish i could afford a new display because i could get a decent 20 inch one for about 200 dollars but i really don't have even 100 dollars to shell out this month.
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    Unfortunately, you just have to cough up the money. The old Cinema Displays require a connector that hasn't been present on new Macs for years. You might be able to find one on eBay...
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    The person at the Apple Store did not lie, per say. Apple has no obligation to support the ADC anymore.

    Actually, he DID lie, but it doesn't matter in terms of backwards compatibility with an OLDER display. He lied about the 24" LED being compatible, but he also didn't assume you were buying one.

    College student and a $3,800 Mac Pro. Mind if I ask what configuration you got and what you'll be using it for? I'm genuinely curious.
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    It's been years since I have bought a mac!

    I currently do a very hands on internship with a local high school hockey league (a league in which i also coach in) I do a lot of video editing, highlight tape ect ect. I have also made a few short films and class projects. I also dabble in Adobe CS, i say dabble because although I know how to use many of the products i am still ways away in being great with them. Its not as if i broke the bank for the computer its something I have been wanting for awhile so little by little i saved up.
    I could have gotten a cheaper system obviously, clearly but i wanted to replace my current g5 tower because when it was running at a good speed i loved it and i love the expandability

    I stuck with the 2 quad core processors, I got 1 TB hard drive standard, and have since bought 2 third party 1.5 TB HD's and i also went with the 2 superdrives. I stayed with the 2 gigs of RAM..for now

    I am still on the phone with apple and this tech support rep says she will try and get the to send me a converter for free!

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