Old DVD won't import to iMovie.?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by floridaoj1, Feb 20, 2011.

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    I'm trying to make an iMovie video using some old childhood film that was transfered to DVD 8-10 years ago... But when I load the DVD into my iMac, and open it, it won't import to iMovie..? The DVD opens into 2 folders, one video, and one audio, but I only want the video, since it's old 8mm film and has no sound.. But when I open the video folder, I see all of the clips I want to use, but none are highlighted, and I can't click on any of them, my iMac says it can't see any files to import, when I try and click import on the folder..?

    I'm sort of stumped..?
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    There are two methods for this: software or hardware.

    Software: Use MPEG Streamclip or DVDxDV to convert the DVD's VOB files into a .dv stream which will work natively in iMovie.

    Hardware: Connect a DVD player analog outputs to a DV device (DV camcorder, VTR or converter). Connect the DV device's Firewire port to a Firewire port on your Mac and then capture the footage in iMovie while the DVD plays.

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