iPhone Old Game Center Notification Sound

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by Ozid, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Ozid macrumors member

    May 22, 2011
    Hey! I was looking for this for months about a year ago, never found it. And when it changed with iOS 7, I thought it was gone forever. But then my iMac made the sound at me and I went through the package files for the Game Center app and found it, converted it to MP3 and M4A, and viola! I have a ringtone for everyone who secretly loved that horn from Game Center! :p

    Download them both here: http://cl.ly/2V0y3N1Q0b1o

  2. Jessica Lares macrumors G3

    Jessica Lares

    Oct 31, 2009
    Near Dallas, Texas, USA
    Ha, thanks! I had a love/hate relationship with it. Freaked me out at times because it was so random.
  3. alecwade macrumors newbie

    Apr 28, 2017
    Hello, I know this was posted a while ago, but I am looking for the post iOS 7 Game Center notification. This link is not working for me. Is there anywhere else I can kind it??

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