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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lastmile, Jul 25, 2015.

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    One of the reasons I picked up a G5 (DC 2.3) was to have a system on-hand that I knew would always run some old apps (e.g.,Adobe CS3, scanner software) regardless of OS upgrades on my 2008 Mac Pro which is on Yosemite so it's far past Lion's loss of PowerPC compatibility.

    I've seen people comment on here about how they enjoy having systems that cost $5K when new. Having played around with SGI stuff for a few years I'll say it's even more fun when you can add at least a zero to that number.

    I've got the same feeling about software. It's cool to be able to get software for an old system that you could never afford (or do t want to spend much on) on a new one.

    It's even more fun when it's something that was expensive because it was a professional, niche product that never sold in high volume. Not only do you have something relatively unique, you're also saving something likely to be lost when companies drop support. When customers (especially thinking companies here not individuals) upgrade and dump their old systems collectors might get the hardware but due to pulled drives, throw out media and manuals, lost dongles, etc the software disappears.

    With the G5 being the last, most powerful PowerPC (from Apple) I'm looking to collect some software for mine. You need to know what's out there to possibly get ahold of if you want to collect something, so I want to start by building a list of things to track down.

    If anyone else likes the idea, add to this thread. You can add something you've used at work or school (or supported at work if you're in IT) or just have seen, read or heard about.

    Things on my G5 right now (neither that obscure or expensive):

    Adobe CS3 Master Collection (Academic version but fine for me)
    Lasersoft Silverfast to support a Microtek i900 scanner

    Software I've started to research:

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    What I find remarkable is that old Pro software holds it's value far greater than the hardware it was designed for.
    A quick scan of ebay reveals Adobe CS3 at £250 - yet a perfectly good machine for running it, a Dual G4, goes for £50.

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