Old iPad to new iPad restore issues?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by PCKid, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Mar 28, 2008
    My wife has an iPad 2 with iOS 6 backed up to her 2006 24"iMac running Snow Leopard. She's about to get a new iPad Pro 9.7" to replace it. She only uses her iPad for Calendar, email, Contacts and Facebook. So really the critical stuff is priority one Calendar and contacts. Will that old setup play nicely restoring a backup to the new iPad Pro? Would the old iMac, now 10 years old but going strong, even accept the new iPad given that iTunes is not the latest?
  2. ericwn macrumors 68020

    Apr 24, 2016
    If iTunes is not the latest I think it is unlikely to recognise a new iPad. Upgrade iTunes, then backup the old iPad, then go and purchase the new one. Good luck!
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    should do. as ericwn says.

    update itunes, backup the ipad2 then restore from backup to the Pro. this is the exact route i took.

    worked a treat. Then, being as all my personal contact and other vital info was now on my new Pro, i erased all of crap i didnt want, and installed all new crap i did want. havent looked back since :)
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    Is she using iCloud? If so, then her contacts and calendar (assuming iCloud-based calendars) should sync to the new iPad whether she restores or not, so long as she logs in with the same iCloud account. I don't know if Snow Leopard supports the latest versions of iTunes; if it does then restoring is an option, but if you can't get the latest iTunes then you may have to set it up fresh, in which case iCloud will still take care of those critical items.
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    With out a current copy of iTunes it is likely that it will not recognize your device b cause the drivers would not be there. You should be able to update iTunes and it should work fine.
  6. BrettApple, Oct 1, 2016
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    That iMac is running Snow Leopard and if it's an original 2006 is stuck there due to it being 32-bit, might go to Lion if it's a C2D Late 2006 but still, it will not run the latest version of iTunes, or macOS. But since the iPad 2 is on iOS 6 it can fully back up to iCloud and you can then restore from that backup via WiFi on the iPad Pro when she gets it. It will copy over, I've gone from older iOS versions skipping multiple updates to the newest when restoring from backups and being just fine.

    So basically you don't need the iMac to do anything in this case. Just iCloud and a WiFi connection. Do keep in mind that iOS 10 won't sync with the iMac running Snow Leopard however. Or iOS 9.3, which that iPad 2 is capable of running by the way.

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