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    May 25, 2004
    Long story short. I bought a 6+ last week. The following day I had contractors over my house, now mysteriously my iPhone 5 is missing.
    I called VZ and reported it. The phone had a passcode on it can the phone be accessed in anyway? The only thing left would be to do is reformat it using iTunes correct. (I just want my information safeguarded) I already turned off find my iPhone :mad:
    I changed my email, Facebook, twitter, apple account/icloud/me/dot mac passwords already.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    with a passcode the phone can't be accessed

    if you turned off find my phone on the iPhone 5 you made a terrible mistake and now you will never get it back

    you should of kept find my iPhone on

    the passcode encrypts the phone
    guessing the passcode can take 5 years

    as long as find my iPhone is on the person who has it can't erase it and set it up as his

    if you don't want to locate it and you don't want it back, then all you do is erase it from www.icloud.com
    and put a message on the iPhone like i am lost please call me , with your name and phone number

    do not remove it from your iCloud account, and all your data will be safe. it will be erased , but it will remain locked and not be available to activation. and no one can reformat it with itunes unless you remove it from your iCloud account
    an erased iPhone can't be located

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