iPod Old iPod and New RC Dock


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Oct 24, 2004
Northants, UK
Hi, just a quick one.

Intrested in buying a Black Dock so that i can hook it up into my Home Cinema system and listen to podcasts while doing housework etc.

(And now that i've typed that it makes me look like a House Husband! :eek: )

I've found a few and they also come with Remote Controls.

I have a 40GB 3G iPod.

Would the remote work with my older iPod?


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Jul 4, 2005
Jasonbot said:
I think that if the iPod can fit in the dock the remote should work. DOes the "older" iPod have a dock connector? Or is it much older than that?
The 3G iPod was the first with the Dock Connector. My 3G iPod works perfectly with the Universal Dock so I should imagine it will work well with the other dock.

There really haven't been any changes in the operation of the iPod since it came out so most docks have similar properties - the only really different ones are those that allow you navigate your library on a TV via a proprietary user interface. There are very few of these and they aren't perfect as yet.

You should have no trouble with your iPod.