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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Old MacUser, Aug 18, 2015.

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    I have a very old Mac PowerBook 170. It turns on, but it has no OS. Does anyone know if I can obtain an OS for this machine? It has to be on a floppy disk (remember those?). I cannot bear the thought of tossing a good computer into a landfill; besides, I have a lot of data on floppies that I need to access. Thanks!
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    I'm guessing Yosemite wouldn't fit on a floppy …

    There are a number of ways you can get a copy of Mac System 7.5.3. Max supported OS for your computer is 7.6.1. The only trouble is how to actually copy it to a floppy disk. I'm assuming you don't have a USB Floppy Drive – though even if you don't, they're not too expensive to pick up.

    You'd be better off getting an abandonware copy and throwing it onto a floppy yourself IMHO, I can't imagine there are many OEM copies of the floppies circulating.

    There are some images here of System 7.5.3, though I wouldn't have the foggiest on how to begin installing them using OS X, or if USB floppy drives are even recognised in OS X. Hopefully it'll give you a starting point, though.
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    Holy crap! One of those 170s and a Centris 650 got me through my last two years of college! Nice!

    Likely the only reseller you'll get help from with your new/really-old laptop is Hardcore Mac. FWIW, get a copy of 7.6.1 - AFAIK it was the last OSes that ran on my 170 and it shipped on a CD (no floppies), Hardcore might/should be able to hook you up with an ADB Port CD player too! Good luck!

    BTW, this thread is in the iMac forum - you might want to try routing this thread to a different forum!

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