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    Aug 25, 2008
    I just bought an ATV2 and figured my HDTV had an HDMI connection. Wrong! It has a DVI - HDTV IN connection and audio component cables. I attached a diagram from the rear of the TV. The TV is an old Sony WEGA KV-36XBR800 tube type TV. It has a very good picture and works perfectly. So, I assume I need an HDMI to DVI IN, but how do I connect the audio? The ATV2 has an optical digital audio port, but my TV does not. I saw a conversion box, but it was $100.00, plus the cables. Do I have any other options? Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. stevenb thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 25, 2008
    Maybe a fix...

    Alright, how does this sound. I found a manual for my TV online and was surprised.

    I found (Amazon) a digital (Dolby 5.1) audio to RCA (left/right) components adapter that I can use from the ATV2. The main questions is, will the ATV2 work with an HDMI to DVI input (Apple tech said no, but some people say yes) in the back of my TV (Sony 36XBR800). In the original Sony TV literature, it states it supports HDCP. Has anything changed in HDCP since 2001-2002 to today? The literature also says the DVI input converts 720p to 1080i. Is that going to be a problem? I have attached a few more screenshots to look at.

    I think this is the fix, HDMI to DVI cable (~$20.00) and digital (Dolby 5.1) audio to RCA component cable adapter (~$100). Is the price to steep for the adaptors?

    Has anyone had any luck, good or bad with either of these adapters?

    This TV is huge, but the super-fine pitch (HI-Scan) look very good. I just want some advise before going this route and wasting money.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I would try a HDMI -> DVI cable. PCH Cables has an incredible selection of products and is very inexpensive. http://www.pchcables.com/hdcahdemuin.html and is always my first place to shop.

    You will certainly need to run separate audio cables up as well.

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    I have an older tv with no hdmi input bland used an hdmi > dvi cable which worked reasonably well. The only issue was that at times I got an HDCP error - something to do with content IP protection. If you get this, what's worked for me is unplugging the atv and the tv, waiting 30 seconds then plugging both in again. The error usually happened after a period when the atv went to sleep.

    HOWEVER, one major issue I've had post the upgrade of the iOS for atv2 is that the atv will only output at 480 resolution, whereas it formerly output at 720 resolution. I've posted about this on the apple discussion board along with many others having the same issue. Most (but not all) seem to be using an hdmi > dvi cable.

    If your tv supports 720 hd resolution, you might consider waiting until/if this issue is resolved.
  5. stevenb, Dec 4, 2010
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Well, it works...

    I hooked up the ATV2 to the Sony 36XBR800 and all went smooth. It appears as if everything is working and I have a 16x9 picture. I have no idea if it is 720p or 1080i though. This TV is supposed to up-convert 720p to 1080i by itself. I cannot locate anything in the TV or ATV2 menu to tell me the resolution. I do not have an HD DirecTV box, only standard. The picture quality has always been very clear on this beast. No HDCP errors either.

    The one thing I gathered from the Apple forums is to not let it download and install the newest update. It seems to down-convert all DVI connections to 480P.

    All streaming works great and I am going to see how Airplay works.

    It was nice to not have to buy a new TV just yet. Extra money for X-mas gifts.
  6. stevenb thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 25, 2008
    Only 480p out of the ATV2 is disappointing after update...

    I guess my main question (like I sent to Apple Feedback) is...

    If a device is only capable of producing a 720p resolution, why is is producing 480p? I did the update, as without it, the ATV2 would not show the resolution.

    My tv will accept 720p, even though it may convert it to 1080i, I think.

    If the ATV2 did what its marketing people say, and all of its literature, then I should be getting 720p.

    I do not care if it is letterboxed, as I expected it to be on a 4:3 tv.

    I am just a bit frustrated. I have been a longtime supporter and purchaser of Apple products and I am disappointed in them this time. Not everyone can go out an drop cash on a new tv. I am one of those. My tv is an HDTV (480p, 720p and 1080i) and HDCP compatible. It should all work, like everything else I have purchased. Everything does work, except the resolution! Converting an HDMI output to DVI should not be the issue. I am getting all the video content through this cable. I just had to use the optical audio and convert to RCA.

    Thanks for listening to my rant all.
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    Apr 18, 2011
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    This Is Great But Help!

    StevenB, Or Others,

    Man, I can't believe I found this thread!!!! I've been going crazy looking for this info.....

    I also have this old model Sony KV-36xbr800. And yes, I know it is a heavy Dinosaur, but the old lady still is working wonderfully! When she croaks I will go with "new" LCD.

    StevenB.... if you are still watching this thread would you please tell me exactly which cables you are using with Apple TV-2 and your old Sony??? Model numbers and where you got the cables if you remember......Don't forget the Audio hook up....

    If anyone else knows please post.....

    I live in Baja Mexico and getting stuff down here is very hard and returns are even harder. So getting info like this is wonderful.

    Thank you all.................
  8. bigmatt macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2011
    I had a similar situation in having an older HD TV (Toshiba 57"), and used a hdmi to dvi adapter. I have the audio going into my receiver so that wasn't a problem for me. Through the hdmi>dvi I was only getting the ATV outputting a 480p signal to my TV. I rearranged my inputs and bought a hdmi to component convertor box (eBay about $40), and hooked it up to one of the component inputs on the TV. I now have 720p output into my TV. The converter box also a standard left and right analog audio signal as well so it should work fine for those with older tvs that aren't using it in a ht setup.
  9. BetsyMePoocho macrumors member


    Apr 18, 2011
    San Juanico Baja California Sur
    What is the Name and Model Number??

    bigmatt,,,,,, thanks for the info... sounds like what would fix me up... Just what is the brand and model number of the converter box??

    That info would keep me out of trouble....

    Again, thank you!
  10. BetsyMePoocho macrumors member


    Apr 18, 2011
    San Juanico Baja California Sur


    Thanks for the info.... I'm fixed up! Yahoo!!!! The money you saved me, (not having to buy a new TV), I can now still buy beer!!

    Good Hunting........

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