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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by steveo1245, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Sep 3, 2011
    I have an old 500 GB time capsule that won't connect to the internet anymore. So i've replaced it with another wireless router and have an external hard drive attached to that to use as a shared hard drive. My problem is Time Machine won't recognize it to use for back ups. My TC still turns on so i hooked it to my Mac Mini via ethernet to use as an external hard drive for time machine back ups. I now want to back up my macbook pro up to the TC as well, so i tried sharing it without any success.

    I've tried under system preferences, sharing, but it won't let me share the TC drive. I also read somewhere since it is hooked up to my mac mini via ethernet i need to turn on internet sharing for it to work. When i tried doing that in time machine it would give me an option to save my back ups on my mac mini hard drive, but not the TC drive. Does anyone have any ideas what i'm doing wrong?

    Mac Mini - Leopard
    Macbook Pro - Snow Leopard
    Old TC - software also up to date
  2. steveo1245 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 3, 2011

    Anyone, any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Hmm, mine works just fine via ethernet. So its definitely not an ethernet connection issue. I have my Mac Pro and Mac Book using my Time Capsule, as you may know, they will have their own backup sparsebundle. If you want the other computer to use the old backup, that machine will take over the backup and the other machine will lose access to it.
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    You can't share the TC drive as if it were a "dumb" external hard drive. The TC is designed for and AFAIK can only be used as a network-attached device (and, it's really much more useful that way.) So, disconnect it from your Mac Mini, and go into the Mini's system preferences to turn off File Sharing (unless you have it on for a different reason) and turn off Internet Sharing.

    I'm assuming your new router is creating the wireless network and is also acting as the DHCP server. I have a somewhat similar setup here, with an ISP-supplied router and a 1st-gen TC (although mine is set up so the TC creates the wireless network while the DHCP duties are done by the separate router.)

    You want it to have the TC to show up on your local network. That way both of your Macs will be able to access it. To do this, I believe you should connect the TC to your (new) router with an ethernet cable. Connect the WAN port on your TC to a regular ethernet port on your (new) router, as if it were another (wired) computer.

    Power everything up, and open Airport Utility on your Mac Mini. It should show your TC on the left side. Click Manual Setup and then the Internet button on the tool bar. Using the two tabs, set Connect Using: to Ethernet, Connection Sharing: to OFF (Bridge Mode) and Configure IPv4: to Using DHCP.

    Then click the Disks button on the tool bar, and check Enable file sharing (i.e., turn it on), and pick a Secure Shared Disks method of your choice. Save the changes and wait for the TC to restart.

    Now on your Mac Mini, open a finder window and your TC should show up under "SHARED". (If it doesn't make sure that Finder's preferences are set up to show Connected Servers in the left pane.) Likewise, it should show up in Finder on your MacBook, too.

    Now you can go into Time Machine preferences on the two computers, and the TC should show up as a choice for the TM backup destination.

    Hope this helps! Regards,

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