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    Feb 13, 2014
    Hello everyone, so I always let my Macbook sleep when I'm not using it (instead of shutting it down). So last night I shut it down before going to sleep and today when I boot it up, surprisingly my old user account (kind of test account when I first got this Macbook. lol ) showed up during login screen (Which I already deleted) instead of showing the current one. So I try log it in, wait for the loading bar to finish, then my current account show up (still at the login screen). I'm confused. I've recorded it and uploaded it on Youtube, so maybe it can help you to understand the situation better. Thank you.



    Now instead of showing one *old* account on login screen, it's now showing my current and my old account. It's like having two user in my Macbook. In preferences, it's clearly show that I only have one account in my Macbook. When I try to login through my old account the same thing happened, it directs me to my current account login screen. (As in the video). Is there any workaround in removing the old account from the login screen?
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    Try repairing permissions in Disk Utility and then reboot the computer.
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    Did you actually laugh out loud? Because it doesn't seem like something that would make someone laugh.
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    Tried and it didn't work. But I have fixed it. Quite easy actually, I create a new account with the same name. Log in to the account, and delete it back from my current account. It works. :D Thanks for the help though. :)

    Uhhh, I don't know but I use it even when I'm not really laughing though. :p

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