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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by capecodlobster, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Sep 27, 2009
    hi guys, i'm new to this forum...but would love an understandable answer...here goes...i have an older 14 inch white ibook, i bought off ebay, and love it....but now the screen freezes once in a while and i have to restart it...sometimes, after the restart, the screen doesn't come on...so i have to shut down again and restart...sometimes if i put pressure on the left side of the touch pad it will come on, and i have to gently ease up on it, and it will work, if i take pressure off immediately it wont turn on...or the screen will have lines going through it and you can't do anything...anyways, i just bought a used 12 inch off craigslist, the gentleman who owned it, bought it brand new and it has all the disks and everything....and it works like a charm...the specs on the 14 inch that i have a problem with are: mac os x 10.4.1 800 mhz powerpc G3, memory 640 mb sdram, and spu speed 800 mhz, L2 cache(per 512KB, memory 640mb and bus speed 100MHz,....i don't know what all those mean, but anyways, the 12 inch specs are as follows: mac os x 10.3.9 500MHz PowerPC G3, memory 256 MB SDRAM, ,,,it also says cpu speed 500MHz, L2 cache (per cpu) 256KB,memory 256MB, and bus speed of 67MHz...
    So anyways, i'd like to know if the part that makes the screen freeze or shut down, can be taken out of the 12 inch and put in the 14inch....i was told it's the video card....and if not, can the 800mhz be transferred to the 500, the 256mhz to the 600mhz, and the 67bus speed to the 100 bus speed?
    i'm a single mom and my funds are limited...i'd like to give this laptop to my 12yr old...earlier this year i did buy a reconditioned unibody macbook, so i dont use the 14inch anymore, and i bought the 12inch for $75and it came with all the disks and everything...the 14inch doesn't have anything....any and all help WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED...PLEASE NOTE IF YOU CAN'T TELL BY NOW I'M NOT TECH IMPAIRED...THANK YOU
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    Apr 3, 2009
    Ok so the ibooks had alot of problems with their video cards. Look on youtube for some examples on how to fix em, however I wouldn't try any of them. You cant really switch anything on them expect the RAM. Your best bet is to see how much apple would charge for the repair if they would even do it. If not then keep telling him to squeeze that one part.

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