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    Dec 30, 2014
    Hi there all,

    Can anyone help me please? I have a second hand MAC OS X version 10.5.4 and I am unable to find free apps to download such as Flash, Viber, and Skype that work. I keep getting a broken installer icon, which looks like a box with a white circle and diagonal slash across the middle. Can you help me? I know many of the ones that come up in the google search engine are for newer models. Also does anyone know if I can upgrade this version of Mac for free without buying cd’s or programs?

    I have attached screen-grab pictures for extra info.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Looks like you have an early Intel Mac.

    I would recommend that you consider upgrading to Mac OS 10.6 (10.6.8 was the last version).

    It will probably work with more apps than will 10.5.

    You may even be able to upgrade the OS further, into 10.7.
    Not sure if you can go to 10.8.
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    Dec 30, 2014
    thank you and thank you!

    happy new year all! may 2015 be even better than better or you all!

    [/COLOR]I found this one for free http://en.softonic.com/s/mac-os-x-10.5.11-upgrade-download:mac however when I have downloaded it and I go to the installer - the box icon, which is not broken this time and I double click on it...it does nothing...

    Any ideas what to do now anyone...??

    It's funny as I downloaded a copy of skype which looks great, fine, normal...but then when I go to log in it won't let me, however I can on another machine...

    I was sold this Mac second hand, by a genuine seller, it works quite well, just a few things as mentioned above are not going well.

    pics attached of installer and what I get if I right click...but what do I do with these...I thought Mac did an automatic install? My old Mac did.

    Many thanks,

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