Older mac mini.

Julian Robinson

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Jan 17, 2020
I cannot seem to be able to interact with Twitter with reasonable speed.Therefore I am interested in up grading.I am very happy with my mac mini and have been for around 10 years. I need some advice on my up grade.
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Jan 3, 2020
What Mac Mini model do you have? What tasks do you usually do? And what would be the value you would be willing to pay?
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Erehy Dobon

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Feb 16, 2018
I replaced my Mac mini server 2010 with a Mac mini 2018 last year. I am satisfied with the new computer.

While my 2010 unit was functioning as well as it had for years, newer tasks disclosed the limitations of the older hardware, specifically transcoding 4K video as well as 4K video playback.

Also, I had replaced my old 24" Dell HD (1080p) monitor with a 27" LG HDR UHD (4K) monitor. The older machine was unable to drive the monitor at full resolution.

Lastly, USB 2.0 was also showing its weakness in transferring today's larger sized files (again, 4K video as an example). Hell, my phone records 4K/60fps video. Those are some pretty big files.

Best of luck with your purchase decision.
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