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    Can someone give me a little bit of a help with purchasing an older Mac? I have an iPhone and a iPad so I'c kind of like a little home base to play iTunes, mess with my calendar, etc, etc. Basically I just want a functional updated Mac OS. I have a perfectly good, and relatively new Toshiba notebook that I use and would continue to use for the majority of my web browsing, wrod processing, etc. I would just like to have a functional and complete Apple ecosystem.

    Currently I have two potential purchases. A 2007 iMac. Whatever it was at the time it was the top of the line. Its from a friend. He wants $500. I also found a 2009 Mac Mini form someone I trust. They want $400, but I could get it done for $350. Are either of these worth my time? Its important to me to be able to run the most recent OS and software. If either or both of these are unable, its out of the question.

    Beyond that, can anyone give me a little advice? Anywhere I could be/should be looking? I don't really need a laptop and the Macbook airs don't really appeal. I'm pretty new to the Apple scene, so I'd appreciate some guidance. Also, I browsed around, and yes, I'm an experienced forum user, but I couldn't find a place where this would be more topical. Thanks.
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    If the iMac is in fact the "Mid 2007" model it has an Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. This model is Mountain Lion compatible. It came with 20" or 24" screen. There were two Mac mini models in 2009 - the "Early 2009" and the "Late 2009" model. Both with Intel Core 2 Duo processor and both Mountain Lion compatible.

    If such a Mac mini - preferably the "Late 2009" model - would come with 4 GB RAM, an Apple keyboard and the default Mini-DVI-to-DVI adapter I would probably prefer it over at least a 20" iMac. I would consider $350 for such a Mac mini (with 4 GB RAM and Apple keyboard) not exactly a screamingly good deal but it's not a bad deal either.

    All of these Macs have built-in WLAN cards and Bluetooth, the iMacs have 3 and the Mac minis 5 USB ports.

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