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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by bbednarz, Feb 28, 2018.

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    This question isn't totally geared towards Apple TV, but it plays a role in the issue I am having.

    I was given a tv for free from someone at work. The picture had gone out on them when using HDMI. I figured I would take it home and see if there was anything I could do to salvage it. To my surprise when I connected my Apple TV it works perfectly, no issues whatsoever. When I plug in my DirecTV box or computer (same HDMI cable and input) I get green static.

    The tv is linked here:

    Yes, its an older TV. I guess when it came out it was pretty high end. Just wondering if there is something that is causing this to work with the Apple TV, but seemingly nothing else.
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    I'm assuming you're using the same cable and TV input for the Direc TV and computer as you did with the AppleTV?
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    WOW That's a damn nice TV.
    Is it anything to do with the high quality settings that the ATV offers? That's all I can think of.
    I'd be delighted as of now, Apple TV is all that we use in my house. The poor 4K UHD BluRay player bought for the occasional DVD/box set has gone into retirement! :) It's not been used since December - and I bought it at the end of November :) :) :)
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    Yes, everything is the same. I take the HDMI cable out of the Apple TV and plug it into the DirecTV box and I get a total green distortion. 90% of my TV watching comes from the Apple TV and this is just a spare to have, but I am just wondering if there is some rhyme or reason why this is.
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    This may or not be related, but I have a wireless HDMI system that I could never get to work with either my DirecTV system or my TiVo, and my plasma sets. Just for giggles I tried it with my ATV and it works fine. Same TVs, cables, etc. All I could get was a green screen. Weird.
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    • Apple could be producing a highly optimized signal that isn’t asking the TV to do as much with it (more optimized than the other stuff). It may be a coincidence that it just happens to yield a picture while the non-Apple hardware does not (meaning that if you have 100 video components and tried each one, probably some non-Apple ones would work as well).
    • Doesn't :apple:TV first try to connect with a lowest res signal? Maybe 720p or even SD? Then, after establishing the connection, it tries to switch to a higher (native) res? I wonder if this TV is able to accept & display the lower res signal... or maybe that approach establishes the connection so a buggy TV is then able to manage the subsequent switch to a higher res? Check the res of the :apple:TV connection when you have a picture. Is it full? Or low? A possible experiment: hook one of the other devices up to a good TV. Set their output settings to lowest resolution. Then, try them with that TV. Still fail?
    • Have you tried resetting the TV to factory settings? Maybe user tweaks are overtaxing it when select equip is attached?

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