Older wide-gamut Eizo display or newer for photography?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by macstatic, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I'm trying to decide between an Eizo S2433W and EV2436W 24" display for a Mac Pro. It'll be used for photography (image editing) as well as general stuff such as web, email etc. Later (not sure when) I plan to add another display which will be of a professional wide-gamut type.

    The S2433W uses an S-PVA panel and CCFL backlight and is wide-gamut (Adobe RGB) while the less expensive EV2436W uses an IPS panel and has LED backlighting. It doesn't handle Adobe RGB though. Since I plan to buy an additional pro display later what do you suggest I go for as a compromise for photography (serious hobby with occasional paid work but aiming for it as a profession) and web, mail etc? And in practical terms, how will images differ between the two displays?
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    Just curious...what output device will you use that can handle wide gamut (aRGB or ProPhoto RGB)? The web uses sRGB. Most printers and print service companies expect sRGB gamut images. Book printers might want aRGB to drive their wide gamut printers.

    So even if you edit in a wide space, won't you still need to soft proof and correct any colors that are outside sRGB?

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