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Apr 12, 2001

Olloclip is today introducing a new line of "Studio System" accessories designed to work with its existing Olloclip lenses, further enhancing the iPhone's photographic capabilities. The system, available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, includes a Studio Case, a Finger Grip, a Kickstand, tripod mounts, and Cold-Shoe Adapters for attaching accessories like microphones and flashes to the iPhone.


A rugged protective case is the key piece of the Studio System, because it includes a built-in mounting solution that can accommodate the other Studio parts. Once the Studio Case is attached to the iPhone, an adjustable and removable Finger Grip slides onto the back of the case, fitting neatly into the rail grooves.

The Finger Grip is designed to allow for smoother, less bumpy photos and video, and it can also be used as a stand, as can an additional Kickstand. Cold-Shoe Adapters attach to the side of the case to hold equipment like microphones or flashes, and the whole system can work with tripods, grips, and handles using the two included 1/4-20 clips, with one each for landscape and portrait modes.

The olloclip Studio system combines an all-new, more-protective case design with an integrated mounting solution (patent pending) and a series of mobile photography accessories. Both the case and accessories are designed to intuitively work together the moment you pick them up. Unlike many of today's modular mobile grip systems, olloclip's Studio components work together seamlessly, so photographers can focus on quickly capturing the opportunity in front of them and not on building a rig.
Because Olloclip is entering a new product category with the Studio System, the company has decided to return to its roots - Kickstarter. Olloclip started out on Kickstarter back in 2011, and since then, demand for its accessories has grown as the iPhone has become a more popular photography choice, replacing point and shoot cameras.


The Studio System is debuting on Kickstarter, and Olloclip tells MacRumors that it made the choice to use the crowdfunding site in order to gauge customer interest and get feedback on its new accessories. For example, Olloclip will choose colors for the Studio Case based on customer feedback.

According to Olloclip, its new Studio System was designed in response to both customer and retailer demand, and it's something customers have requested for quite awhile. In the future, Olloclip plans to introduce additional accessories that can work with the new Studio System based on what customers ask for.

Olloclip is offering several different reward options for the Studio System. The most inexpensive tier includes the Studio Case and a Kickstand for $35, while the whole Studio Case and Accessory Kit are available for $60. Additional tiers include the Studio System and various Olloclip lenses.

To thank the people who support the new system in its early days, reward tiers are being offered at 30 to 40 percent off retail price. Olloclip expects to ship rewards to backers in September of 2015, at the end of the month.

Article Link: Olloclip Debuts New 'Studio' Mobile Photography System to Accompany Lenses


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Nov 13, 2011
waiting for an elegant software/hardware version. i.e. built into the iPhone. Come on apple :)

this product just highlights the limitations of iPhone in a big way so we can all see.


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Sep 19, 2014
is this betting on the fact that the "6s" will have the exact same external dimensions? Most accessories seem to come too close to the next release.


Dec 6, 2012
is this betting on the fact that the "6s" will have the exact same external dimensions? Most accessories seem to come too close to the next release.

Agreed and is the main reason why I do not buy these things. Investing in something that will likely be obsolete in a year or less seems off (i know, I invest in a new phone every year at a higher price point, so i am a bit of a hypocrite). I think that if you are into iPhone photography, this seems looks like a smart investment for two important reasons. First, I believe that the only thing that would need to change is the case since everything else snaps on to the case, so at most you are only losing $35 for the case. Second, the lenses are well made and do add significantly to pictures taken. The only risk I see is that if the position of the camera changes the lenses are made assuming a specific position.

For me, I have come to the realization that I do want to up my picture taking game. However, since I will need to carry something around to do that, I have decided to carry an SLR when I am thinking about being serious about my picture taking (going to a specific event, vacations, etc).


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Jun 27, 2007
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Kickstarter - funding hipsters since beards came into fashion.

That's a really long time. Unless you're talking about them coming back into fashion? I don't think they ever really went out of fashion in America except during world wars because you had to shave in the military to wear gas masks properly. Beards are a default state for men. You have to take action to remove them. I've had a short beard most of the time since 2007 just because that's when I was finally able to start grow one that was halfway decent. Kickstarter was founded a couple years later. Having a beard doesn't make someone a hipster.

Article sponsored by Olloclip.

You've been around here long enough to know that's not true. MacRumors always states which posts are sponsored.


Jun 20, 2010
Olloclip jumped the shark with this array of parts. It is now officially easier to bring a separate small point and shoot that has all of this capability built into the one object.


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Jun 9, 2014
Olloclip jumped the shark with this array of parts. It is now officially easier to bring a separate small point and shoot that has all of this capability built into the one object.

seriously? still more expensive than this, and it's another separate device (the exact concept that the iPhone obliterated by including an amazing camera) - which doesn't allow email or airdrop or a whole host of iPhone related features. unless you want to spend MORE money on a 'smart' point n shoot. which would be better invested on a phone upgrade. your comment makes zero sense.

stand alone cameras are dead. dslr's will remain for a niche crowd. smartphones will rule until another product category rears its head.
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