Olympus OLED keyboard

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Jan 8, 2002
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This is the future in my opinion. Imagine applications that can draw custom icons on the keyboard.

The article is in Dutch, I couldn't find it anywhere in English, but you can look at the pictures :)

It basicly says it's a Russian design and that they have a contract to mass produce it along with a patent request.

The keys have an OLED display which can be changed dynamically. Notice the apple command key on the keyboard. So expect this to be designed for mac as well.

Edit: I found some more: http://padlarv.nl/mirror/tweakers/optimuskeyboard/

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Nov 1, 2001
But why would you need to have specially labeled keys? When I type, I'm not hunting and pecking, I look at the screen.

Its a cool gizmo, but its not that useful for me (and I'm sure others will think the same). Besides, I'd have to wonder if they could get the price low enough so that its the same price as a regular keyboard. That might be the clincher.


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