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    Hello everyone,
    We are Goya team, an young indie mobile game dev team. Say "Hello!" to the world now guys! *:beer:
    We’ve just released this game after 4 months hard working:
    OMEGA - The first movement.


    Link down game:

    Here's the link for trailer:

    Here's the link for demo clip:

    Here's some ss for the first imagination < if you guys don't have time to click the links above > *8)

    We really would like to share our game's making process, in order to give out and receive more knowledges, since yeah sharing is. Any feedbacks are warmly welcomed with all our thankful hearts XD.
    And, since I'm not a native English speaker, so if just anything of my words that make you guys confused, please tell me too.

    This is the contents we will post in a row, on this game making process topic
    1.Overall views about the game
    2.Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes
    3.Storyline though game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art
    4.Unity or Cocos2Dx
    5.Animation+ Effect: research and solve
    6.Work with composer
    7.Presskit + Trailer
    8.Public test and won the Hot new game reward in Comic Con HCM 2014
    9.Problems we had to face up with in the whole process
    10.Released and Self-published

    Follow our journey here or our blog:

    Visit our homepage for more info:


    1.Overall view about Omega - The first movement


    Basically, the first point about our game is that it offers and mixes elements from both classic rhythm-based gameplay and battle action gameplay.

    With this game, you can experience both intense moment of action battle, a light touch of strategy while feeling the beats of music.

    And furthermore, this game has a steampunk mechanized theme storyline throughout levels in Story mode and Hard mode, before unlocking Survival mode.

    Game type
    Rhythm-based action battle game with storyline through levels.
    In general, the main gameplay is inspired by the rhythm-based games like Tap Tap, Deemo, Guitar Hero, Audition, etc…. with countervailing battle theme implemented.

    Gameplay with 5 steps
    1. Each turn, choose one from three actions: attack, defense, charge up
    2. Listen to music, hit 2 main buttons to match the certain beat, deal with the puzzles according to musics’ rhythm to get as many action points as possible
    3. Show time and enjoy the outcome of this action
    4. Hit Buff Button and fill the Powerup bar, for the ultimate power atk onto the enemies

    5. upgrade system, for not only add on more beneficial status, but also change the whole image of your character Omega's skills

    In Omega - The first movement, you play the role of the lonely guitarist name Omega, who is now the only human being that left in this world, after the Grand Industrial Revolution at the early of 20th century, when people were continuously mechanized into cyborgs with the desiration to reach perfection. He thinks that he has a mission to defeat the Main Frame boss to change the world into its old self. He has to face up with waves of robots and cyborgs in his way.

    However, in order to be stronger, enough to fight back all enemies, he has to sacrify and mechanized some part of his body. Then time after time, he become a cyborg himself.

    In the game, through levels, you will discover more and more about this storyline, what Omega will find at the end of his journey, and understand more about this world.

    Key features
    -Inovative style of music and battle game. Bring a new vision of original music game
    -Quest systems, upgrading system brings new stunning Skill effects
    -Storyline with various of high quality arts implemented ingame
    -3 individual modes: Story, Hard and Survival, with various of puzzles to deal with in each level
    -Customized background musics for each circumstances of levels and storyline by Ik-sound, best known for composing Background music and Sound Effects for Cut The Rope 2, Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice, …

    IOS and Android are the current main targets


    This is how we made this game Omega - the first movement from the very first start. The whole process is of course not perfect, but we tried our best the whole time and had a very worthy happy time, so we hope you guys may gain some experiences from reading these lines. *:beer:

    2.Growing idea, prototype, and fail prototypes
    We're a team of 1 programmers, 1 game designer, and 3 artists, we always work together from all steps, including designing gameplay, making concept, testing, and also self-published marketing steps too *(this self-published stuff, as I think, is kinda a hard and strange field that almost all indie developers must face up with)

    This is the second product of us, right after Tiny Busters, which had 100k installations in the first 3 weeks on Google store.

    1.With this second game, at the very first, we did choose out 2 main traits that we wanted to follow the most according to our current situation:

    -This must be a small scope game ( not a very tiny/mini one, but must not be "complex" since we didn't have much time and money, and making kind of 6-months worth working game was kinda out of budget )
    -Create mood for gamers while playing game. Since we really wanted to bring out something that could resemble our team into our game.

    2. We gathered all around, with our game designer as the main host, we talked about what we liked to make the most, list them all out on board, brainstorming out the options for these points that just had listed and having fun all the time talking about the possibilities of each options, it was really fun, like a word battle between our team members, since each ones had to protect their idea and options. We tried our best to break our limit, try new genres and mechanics too.
    Of course, all options, as i said above, must follow the 2 main traits.


    With all options/gameplays, we wrote down their own stregths and weaknesses, and in the end of the day, we chose 2 gameplay options, which of course had more stregth points and less weak points. They were based on match 3 gameplay at that time.

    3. With each options, we worked together to make some prototypes.
    The advantages is that we had 2 artists and 1 technical artist, that's why it only took us a very short time to draw something for those prototypes.

    The step of making prototype as we think, is the very very important step that must have, since we did face up with lots of nonsense things which could have ruin the whole game, that we didnt noticed out at first.
    Making prototype gave us huge posibilities to fix and improve our gameplay.
    We made prototype as fast and as simple, not try to fix bugs and other things, just needed to have a overall view about the gameplay.

    After making about 2 or 3 versions of prototypes like these ones:



    We decided that kind of match 3 gameplays was completely fail, and took for other 2 more prototypes in order to decide the final gameplay and all the upgrading system along the gameplay.

    It was the rhythm based action gameplay like the final Omega now.


    Prototype of gameplay

    After that, we made a quick prototype of Game flow and UI, to have a whole imagination about the game


    Prototype of Game flow and UI

    And wah lah, after all these things had set up, here come the next step

    3. Storyline, Sketch, Concept and Final art

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    Jan 11, 2015
    Hi guys, we're gladly announce that after 4 days released, our game Omega : The first movement has been featured on Best New Game list of Appstore US and Canada, what a great news!!! XD

    And now, here's the next step of our making game progress.

    Storyline though game, Concept, Sketch, and Final art

    After we had set up all the prototype flow and things like that, we entered this step.
    As I said above, one the main traits we wanted to make with this game is that it must create some "mood", some feeling for gamers.


    We decided the most suitable method to do is to create a main story, and make all concepts based on that main story, no more, no less.


    • To create mood for all the game
    • To make a unity of all concept through the game, like concept of background, of enemies, of main character
    • To make game's contents deeper and richer
    • To have materials for making presskit later ( the blogs about presskit and stuffs like that will come up later too)
    • To inspire our team members


    First of all, we figured out about the "mood" as "deep" and "serious" since:

    • At that time, kinda almost of music, rhythm based games we knew were very cute and funny theme, with exciting music too, so we wanted to make something a bit different
    • As a coincidence, at that time, we were watching and listening to epic/emo music like:

    And they made a deep impression on us too.

    2. We created the whole story with full reasons and some plot twist at the end. To do that, we must answer thoes questions:
    World of the story: the places where things happens, time, decades,... fantasy or realistic,...
    Main character: his past, his interests, his reason, his way of thinking, his feeling towards others
    Enemies: kinds of them, their position in this world, their feelings
    Reasons for thoes action of the main character and his enemies
    Reasons for features of the game: like the changing between story mode to hard mode, or the upgrade system

    3. We, the artist team, wrote down all on document, I know, it's a tiring and boring job to do. But it's like a MUST DO thing, very important for working in a team.


    So, after we had all documents about the story, comed the step of making sketches and concepts

    4. Making moodboard references:
    According to the story's traits, we tried to search for all reference material online, and make some specific moodboards using Pinterest
    We had:
    Moodboard ref of Background


    Moodboard ref of character


    Moodboard ref of enemies


    5. Concept + sketch + final art

    Background, using Sketchup at some points for quick imagination too:










    6. UI
    We choose steampunk theme, even with the UI


    After thoes steps, although we felt like: "ohhhh, we've done so˜˜˜˜˜˜ many things, this game art must be nearly done, ehehe" but actually, just finish around of ¼ all things TT___TT

    7. Animated Cutscreens:
    We did try the best to make the whole appearances of map, BackGrounds and characters sticked with the storyline, but furthermore, what we really wanted to do was to implement this whole story, with reasons and plot twist into our game. In order for gamers to actually experience the feeling we want to make then.

    That's why , after some discussing with coder, we decided to use Animated Cutscreens
    First, we made a simple yet messy storyboard like this, just for 3 of us to imagine things


    This storyboard showed us where, when, and how gamers would see the story's flow, and even how the cutscreens would animated, how they would showed up

    Simple sketches for thoes cutscreens


    Line art and colouring with caring about the assets for animated



    Export assets, then use Spine to animate them, export file


    Then once again, this time, we made a clearer document for our coder. He just needed to follow this note to implement suitable files into suitable places.


    These* steps, as I can say, are one of the most interesting and happiest moment we had in all the game making process

    Okay, then with the final art and cut screen, we had done for like ⅓ amounts of stuffs.
    Now come the big part too: the Animation and Effects

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