Universal Omni apps have seen some updates lately (links inside)

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    OmniFocus 2

    • Keyboard Shortcuts — When used on iPad with an external keyboard, OmniFocus now supports many convenient keyboard shortcuts! Hold ⌘ to see the shortcuts available from your current location. We chose to start on iPad to simplify things, but please let us know if you’d use these shortcuts on iPhone too.
    • Split-Screen Multitasking — Adjusted some multitasking layouts for iPad Pro.
    • Captured Reminders — Added a hidden preference for whether Reminders Capture should add a note about where to find the original item. You can turn the note off using:


    ...and back on using:


    • Reminders Capture — Prevented OmniFocus from creating multiple entries for captured Reminders.
    • Deferred Inbox and Flagged Items — These items are once again hidden in Today and on Apple Watch
    • Home Screen — Fixed a bug where built-in Perpectives sometimes went missing after restoring Pro.
    • Spotlight — Fixed a bug where built-in Perspectives were not indexed in non-English localizations.
    • Quick Actions — Prevented a blank Inbox item from being created when the app had been backgrounded showing Help, Release Notes, or Contact Omni.
    • Apple Watch — Unavailable past due items sometimes weren’t counted as Past Due in the complication and glance; now fixed!
    • Crash on Launch — Fixed a crash trying to jump from Spotlight search to a perspective that wasn’t visible on the OmniFocus home screen. This was only reachable on a cold launch of OmniFocus.
    • Pasting from Notes — Pasting checklists from Notes once again strips [ ] and [x].
    • First Run — We now ignore all URLs other than the unadorned omnifocus:/// and setup URLs during first run.

    OmniGraffle 2

    New Features

    • Shape recognition has been added as a switch for the Freehand Tool to toggle between drawing rough freehand shapes and preset shapes.

    Recent Changes

    • Addressed an issue rotating a multi-selection.
    • You can now use the gesture for switching canvases while using the Action Tool.
    • Addressed some lag issues when working with autosizing canvases.
    • Fixed a bug where the toolbar to the half-height inspector could stop working when opening a new document via Spotlight or 3D Touch shortcut.
    • Objects without strokes should now properly trigger smart guides.
    • Fixed a bug where the Text Tool would remain in Sticky mode when dismissing the keyboard while still editing text.
    • Fixed a bug where the keyboard would disappear when editing canvas size.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur going back to the Document Picker.
    • Fixed a crash when opening a document from a Spotlight search or the 3D Touch Shortcut list that had been saved in a folder.
    • Fixed a possible crash tapping Undo with the List View open in the Sidebar.

    OmniOutliner 2

    • Keyboard Shortcuts: When using a wireless keyboard, hold down the Command key to see a list of the relevant keyboard shortcuts at your disposal.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts for toggling visibility of notes and zooming text have been added.
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    Nice to see some updates. Are the spoiler tags really needed when the title of your message specifically states this is about updates?
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    Not really, just wanted to declutter the post:)

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