OmniVision's Production Issues Diverting iPhone Image Sensor Orders to Sony?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Last month, a report claimed that both existing supplier OmniVision Technologies and newcomer Sony had been lined up to produce 8-megapixel image sensors for the next-generation iPhone, with OmniVision said to be set to shoulder 90% of the load.

    But Forbes today shares a report from FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger, who claims that OmniVision has run into production troubles that may have caused the company to miss Apple's deadline for commercial-scale production of the sensors. As a result, Apple may have decided to shift the majority of production over to Sony.
    The report notes that the image sensor chips are manufactured under contract by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is experiencing unacceptably low yields on the chips.

    OmniVision's stock is currently down about 4% after having been down as much 10% following the release of the report.

    Article Link: OmniVision's Production Issues Diverting iPhone Image Sensor Orders to Sony?
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    I have asked on another thread, but can't find any info. Just curious if anyone has seen anything on who will make the new lens and if it will be an upgrade on the current one? I think it is at least as important as the new sensor, but may be wrong on this.
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    Carl Zeiss?

    Lol...that would be nice, but I doubt this thing will be fashioned in all Sony attire. I do wonder, however, if one camera sensor will be noticeably superior to the other, or if they are just the same tooling on the lines to make the exact same chip?

    Cue the threads asking "Which camera chip do you have in your iPhone 4S?? Post your production number and test photos and fill out a poll so we can all yell at Apple together and email Steve Jobs and stuff!! That will show them."
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    Ha, A Zeiss lens would be great, but i too don't see them going that way. Too bad.

    Two sensor manufactures will no doubt invite a thread like the one above. Much easier to compare photos from different sensors than nearly any other part of the phone that could be dual sourced. Makes it a curious choice to do it that way in my mind.
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    I would really like to see cameras on phones improve. But if image quality is mainly due to sensor size and to some extent lens quality - there just isn't enough room in the body of a phone (or Apple and other manufacturers aren't willing to allocate more room) for higher quality/larger components. Which is why I will still carry my Canon G12 or my DSLR around.
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    I blame too much Brawndo.
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    These rumors of it being called the 4s just won't go away will they! :p
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    IQ is mainly related to the lens quality and sensor design, not sensoe size. But with lenses the size of a pin head and sensors the size of a piece of lint, what do you expect?
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    geez only 9 comments, not a lot of interest in this one:confused:
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    Interest remains in the complete product :apple: and not individual components :p:p:p

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