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    I got some pretty good answers last time....
    Ok I've got my DTT/ DivX up and working and my .AVI's work fine.
    Found great trick on the net for dirt cheap DTT antena... Take a lengh of coaxial cable, Cut of 12.5 cm (exactly) of the external plastic coating and peel back the shielding (like a condom) then tape the whole peeled back section with electrical tape (so it looks nice) leaving the plastic coating on the central wire... Plug in the other end to you DTT box and stick the thing out the window or tape it to your balcony rail.(Upwards or lenghwise ?) Works just like a "Proper" antena....
    Question is... This works fine here in Barcelona but would it work in the
    UK.NW2 area. Are the DTT standards the same all over europe... or would I have to cut the coaxial to a different lengh in the UK.
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