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    Aug 11, 2011
    finnally got my phone into dfu mode and jailbroke using 4.2.1 firmware phone is really awesome in my opinion best firmware they have came out with but here is a really big issue i am having with it.

    I cant get it to charge for nothing not from my computer or from a wall charger when I hook it up to my computer using windows 7 btw it says usb cannot recognize driver and then fails to install drivers so iphone is now called unknown device so I went in tryed to install drivers manually and for some reason the drivers found is called ipod when I try to install manually well i tried to do that and it then says windows encountered a problem:devicce wouldnt start but my Iphone is truned on and everything works on it but that can anyone please help I have ran out of ideas

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    Ok well the phone almost died so I switched to my 2g back up. When I took the sim card out it charged fine then I put my sim card back in it and it will not charge I know that a sim card has nothing to do for it to charges but sure has got me puzzled and it cant be the cord because that cord charges my 2g fine puzzled:confused::confused::confused:

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