Onde ClipBuddy V1.62.12 released

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    Onde ClipBuddy
    A Mac clipboard manager and history app for Mac OS X - the original multiple clipboard display and editing software.

    Add Open Link function - open the website from ClipBuddy directly.
    Support Search in Google function - allow you to instantly search the text of their clipping through Google.
    Block certain nodes if you don’t want to add clippings to them when you are still copying.
    Up to 200 latest clippings can be shown under the icon on the menu bar and allow you to choose whether to paste with formatting or not.
    Powerful History Browser - show all clippings of the current tree node in an easy to use visual panel - quickly find want you want and easy to paste.
    New hotkeys - all these new features can be accessed from fully customizable hotkeys.
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