One Apple TV to Multiple TV's??

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by netmata, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Is it possible to set up an Apple TV to go to many TVs? For example can i buy an HDMI switch to distribute the Apple TV output to 4 TVs? I want to do this for a business, i don't want to order 4 different cable boxes for each TV or buy smart TVs just to play Netflix or online channels. Instead i want to save some money by buying low end TVs and 1 apple TV and then share the image among all 4 TVs? Or maybe buy a mac mini and buy a VGA Video switch and mirror all TVs. Any ideas? Please help as much as you can thanks!!!
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    In this case, Apple TV "setup" doesn't really have anything to do with it. Not sure if this is what you're looking for:

    HDMI 1x4 Powered Splitter
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    Yes more or less. I want to hear some feedback regarding a set up like this. For example if there would be some lags on the video by splitting the image into 4 screens?
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    The problem isn't lag. All the electrical signal will travel at the same speed. The problem is signal attenuation. If you're using cables longer than 10 meters you'll start to see signal attenuation and in the digital realm that translates to data dropouts/stalls.

    It's not the optimal setup but there's not much harm/expense in testing it out before you hardwire the house. But if the cabling gets expensive, it's almost more worthwhile to just buy four AppleTV's. Consider that a 50 foot HDMI cable costs almost half the price of an AppleTV.... and that's not including all the labor to wire the house for it, unless you want cables snaking through every room.

    If you do the labor yourself, it's hours of your time. If you hire someone to do it, it's about $90 per hour (to get a wire tech who isn't an idiot).

    I'd say at the end of the day, buying four AppleTV's is actually a more cost-effective solution, and it affords you more versatility because you can have different people watching different programs OR (here's the neat part) you can start a program in the living room, pause your program, and then resume it from where you left off in the bedroom... but if someone else wants to then use the living room at that point, they can watch whatever they want.

    I have an AppleTV for the living room, and another for our master bedroom and I love the flexibility and wirelessness of that setup.
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    I use a splitter for three TVs from my main receiver (dvd, appletv, and u-verse). Not a single problem. (the main TV is above the receiver, the other two are in the bathroom on the other side of the main tv and in the kitchen). I got all the wires and splitter for Mono price for less than $100 total.

    Heres the splitter I used:
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    Yes, it's possible, but for reasons others have already stated it may not be a "money saving" solution. You'll have to price it out based on your location, the size of the room, etc. to see how cost effective it would be.

    The advantage of a single ATV connected to four TVs is that you can watch one thing and have it in sync across all four TVs. The advantage of four ATVs is obvious, but the disadvantage is that it may be difficult or impossible to get all for TVs to display the same thing in sync.
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    And multiple ATVs throughout the house is an easy, inexpensive but very flexible way to implement multi-zone without costly infrastructure.

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