One-click solution for specific tasks?

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    There are often specific tasks that I want done but I forget which app I used for that. Is there some simple way to create one-click icons in the dock or Applications folder with user-defined labels?

    I would think Applescripts could do that, but I don't really understand that stuff, so I'm really more on the lookout for a simple point and click type configuration app.
    I came across Fast Toggles, but it only seems to cater for pre-defined tasks (eject all mounted drives, turn on/off Bluetooth etc.) but I'd like to add my own tasks as well ("List folder content to file", "Capture screen to video", "Save SMS from phone to file" etc.)
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    Sounds like a job for Automator and a workflow application made in it.
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    You could start by just writing things down and keeping them in a file.

    For example, a simple plain text file in TextEdit that contains entries like this:
    "List folder content to file"
    (Write the procedure here, or paste in a URL link to it on the web)

    "Capture screen to video"
    (Write the procedure here, or paste in a URL link to it on the web)

    "Save SMS from phone to file"
    (Write the procedure here, or paste in a URL link to it on the web)
    While this may seem trivial, it will contain all the tips, tweaks, procedures, etc. that you think are worth saving. Also, it will be searchable by Spotlight, and by the Find command in TextEdit itself.

    If some of your tasks don't have an Automator workflow or an AppleScript, then it makes sense to ask for help in automating the task. If it's mainly a question of remembering which app or tool to use, then writing it down should suffice.

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