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Discussion in 'iPod' started by continuum, Dec 25, 2006.

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    So am I correct in understanding this?

    It is possible to have one iPod and multiple libraries on multiple computers and be able to import music onto this single iPod.

    It is not possible to have one computer with multiple libraries (via fast user switching/multiple users) and manage these libraries on two iPods. (My wife and I have our own iPods and separate music libraries. I loaded all her music on her iPod and want to put some of my music from my library on her iPod.)

    Maybe I'm not understanding what I've read.


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    Sort of, but not really. Apple won't let you automatically sync an iPod with more than one library (computer). However, you can bypass this by letting your iPod manually manage its library which, in effect, makes the iPod have a distinct library. You can add to this iPod's library from multiple computers/libraries.

    You can choose to merely sync portions of a library (playlists) rather than the library in its entirety. If the only reason you have two accounts is for iPod management, then maybe look at this option.

    Having said that, you could use the Shared folder on your Mac to give some songs to your wife. She can then import them into her library and sync them with her iPod. Simply dragging a song from iTunes to the Shared folder should copy it there. Does this help? :)

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