One Device to rule them all (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)

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    kaardowiq macrumors member

    Dec 20, 2018
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    What do you think about having only one device, that'll be your mobile phone, your Tablet and Desktop.
    I'm looking for a similar solution for a really very long time and found an almost fitting solution.

    ATM Huawei EasyProjection and Samsung Dex are really close to this and hopefully it'll be more usable when Android Q comes with it's new Desktop mode. In favor of this behavior there is no reason to use cloud services anymore, but you may still use them if you need. You could save everything locally on your smartphone and use it when in Tablet or Desktop mode - private documents, photos, password manager etc.

    I'm playing much with the above mentioned Desktop modes from Huawei and Samsung and it already works really well. Sure there are still annoying things but most of them are related to the Apps from third party publishers. If they would adjust them (hopefully with Android Q) and you would be able to lunch one App multiple times (atm I workaround with Appcloning to open Terminals and Chrome app multiple times) this would be a real deal maker. I'd like to c smth. similar from Apple but it would probably never come - a single device won't make as much profit as selling a phone, tablet and desktop system.

    Before this mode I already gave Micrsooft WindowsPhone on Lumia a try, even this was already a great experience. It is just a great joy to come home, plug your phone to the dock and use a real Desktop with external keyboard/mouse and to have all files present all time.

    Screenshot (multiple times Chrome and Terminus via SSH on a fbsd server) (running on Huawei EasyProjection):


    What do you think?
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    This has been real for more than a couple years it's just not been on a popular platform

    Maru has been out for a while and the new Librem 5 will also switch to desktop mode.
  3. kaardowiq thread starter macrumors member

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    Yep, but unfortunately it‘s still just in the corner...
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    I don't like being limited by one device as I have specific purposes for all my devices.

    Also, it's hard to fit this into a pocket…

    2018-11-15 11.43.07.jpg

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