One Drop Glucose Monitor Gains Personal Diabetes Assistant and Health Records Integration

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    One Drop, a company known for its iPhone-connected One Drop Blood Glucose Monitor, today announced the launch of a new Personal Diabetes Assistant and integration with the Health Records feature on iPhone.

    The One Drop Personal Diabetes Assistant is designed to encourage One Drop users to better adhere to medication times, eating plans, and blood glucose monitoring.


    Users can get regular reminders for blood glucose checks, medication doses, meals, physical activities, weigh-ins, and blood pressure measurements, with the app providing a daily personalized schedule based on each person's needs and a progress chart towards health goals.

    With the Health Records integration, One Drop users at participating healthcare institutions are able to access medical records in the Health app alongside their One Drop info for a better overview of total health.

    One Drop users who are subscribed to the company's One Drop Experts service can share electronic medical records with their personal diabetes coach, giving coaches access to vitals, labs, and medication history for better diabetes management recommendations.

    For those unfamiliar with One Drop, the company makes an affordable Bluetooth-connected blood glucose monitoring device, a lancing device, and a subscription service for lancets and glucose strips. Apple offers the One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit online for $70.

    Article Link: One Drop Glucose Monitor Gains Personal Diabetes Assistant and Health Records Integration
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    There's currently a 20% off deal with the code CHEER20.
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    I'm surprised that managing this disease is so... manual. Are there efforts to make some kind of permanent artificial organ to just render everything about managing/treating this disease obsolete?

    I'm rooting for The Kidney Project to end dialysis sessions through their artificial kidney... does something similar exist for dealing with this?
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    It takes forever to get anything approved, and after the FDA chooses to bestow it’s blessings the insurance companies can add a few more years onto the timeline. There’s a new blood sugar technology that you insert a small puck on your shoulders or abdomen and just wave the meter over it and you get a reading. Right now most people have to prick their fingers to get a blood sample that they put onto a test strip that’s inserted into a meter. The cost of those strips adds up quickly, and insurance policies only cover 4 or 5 tests per day. If your sugars are really low or really high you will want to try to correct that and that can take 4 or 5 additional strips before you’re back to an acceptable reading.

    And everything is still pretty much manual. The insulin injections, food logs and physical workouts. A few more automated systems are out there-Dario makes a meter that auto logs a reading into your phone and can be transmitted directly to your doctor, but it still takes test strips and if you use your allotment you’re SOL.
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    I started using the Dexcom G5 system and then upgraded to the G6, and haven't had to prick my finger in several months. The G6 doesn't require any calibration. The transmitter sends my blood glucose readings to my phone every five minutes, so I can see if the numbers are going up or down, and it warns me if an urgent low is coming so I can eat a glucose tablet or two. Seriously, the G6 is amazing.
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    My insurance doesn’t cover either that or the Libra.
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    This seems like a task for Shortcuts, no? "Hey Siri mark my blood sugar at 105"
    Can Shortcuts be set up to:
    • open an excel/numbers sheet
    • create a new line with date/time stamp
    • and enter the data from the Siri invocation?
    seems possible, and should just take a second each entry for those who don't have the funds to go with connected systems.

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