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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by FelicityW, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Like many of us, I have used MS Office for years. Like many of us, I have had access to MS Office through school, work and personal accounts. The fact that MS cannot merge accounts and so much is dependent on privileges, has created a CF of epic proportions for many of us. The fact that this has continued unaddressed for over three years is utterly shameful.

    The permissions are so messed up on my OneNote, that I cannot fully access MY documents. I got OneNote when it was a standalone product (still is) during a time I did not have Office, and it never quite integrated when I did get Office. I also already had an Outlook mail account, but since I got OneNote directly, it had my Gmail address originally tied to it. Note: there are two SharePoint accounts, one for a company I had in 2015 and one for a company I worked in 2017, one OneDrive account. There is one personal account showing. After 50 minutes on the phone with MS (and this is at least the 5th time I have this conversation with someone at MS Support), their solution is for me to copy the information from the notebooks with triangle sync failures into new notebooks. They wanted to do it but I told them I was better then they at copy / paste, something I knew for sure after watching them futz around on my screen. (Note: Apple's support is much better because they tell YOU what to do, MS takes control which was a joke; there needs to be a "got-a-clue" level of support available.)

    MicroSoft OneNote Mess.jpg

    I also have a similar issue with Word and Excel, where documents created on my MBP (not online) when I had school or work Office, now constantly fail over permissions issues. I want to move to the AppStore Office offering and can't help but wonder how messed up that is going to be.... Anyone know if MS is actually aware of this mess? Anyone know any real solutions? How many people have lost access to their work?
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    You have given me a good reason to keep using Office 2011 despite macOS constantly reminding me it is 32 bit and soon won't run in macOSs: I bought and installed O365 but was not comfortable with its workings:

    While typing this I have realised that the iOS 12:1:4 update has removed the full stop from the iPad keyboard!

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