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One IDE to Rule them all? Chocolat vs Coda 2 vs BBEdit vs Sublime vs Xcode vs DreamW


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Aug 2, 2012
Hello all!

I am a Noob programmer and want to get into designing and making websites (in wordpress) and apps using HTML5, JQuery, Javascript CSS, PHP and Python..phew...

I was looking at gettng Coda 2 but found that their website looked beautiful but lacked in any actual .......information.

I contacted the Panic Guys via twitter (sigh)

with this question

"hi! Im learning to code with javascript but would also like to learn python is py supported in coda? what languages are supported? "

and got this reply by "N" of Coda/Panic

"You can see the list of supported modes by clicking the Gear button in the bottom bar when editing a file. —N "

As I havent bought Coda so i cant't do this!!

I don't want to make the mistake of buying the multiple bloated apps and finding out later that there is one nippy one that does it all, better.

doing a search people have both recommended and despised the following apps Coda 2, BBEdit, Chocolat, Dreamweaver, Sublime Text 2.

Has anyone used these?

i.e. What languages are supported in terms of Syntax colouring, interperter and debugger? I am mainly interested in Html5, CSS, Javascript, Python, Objective C.

Most of my sites will be built in Wordpress. How does they work with Wordpress?

How does it work with JQuery if at all?

Can I get additional language plugins?

Also what is the support documentation actually like? If I buy this how do I learn how to use it? I dont want to rely on twitter for support!

Is there an educational discount for students?

Cheers Everyone and sorry for the long winded questions! Hopefully i'm not alone with these!

I would ideally like to use just one program that does everything.

Many Thanks


Dark Dragoon

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Jul 28, 2006
As I havent bought Coda so i cant't do this!!

There is a demo version available to download from their website which is fully functional for 7 days.

Anyway I've attached a screenshot from Coda 2 of the default syntax modes that are available.

Maybe this isn't that helpful but personally as there are demos of most of those editors available, I would just try them out and see which one you prefer.


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Aug 2, 2012
Thanks for that list! I dont know why they don't just say that on their website!

Wow so now with espresso in the mix too!!!

Is there anyone that has actually experienced using more than one of these and can recommend or dis-recommend one over the other?

OK - so some Noob questions -

1) jquery is supposed to be a javascript "library" but what does that actually mean in terms of the layman? If have an IDE that works with javascript does that mean that it works with jQuery already? or should I be looking for two different things?

2) when coda has html in the list does that mean html 5?

Thanks in advance!!


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Mar 25, 2010
Nicosia Cyprus

I have installed in my system Coda 2, BBedit .

I've tried also Sublime Text 2.

I consider BBedit and Subime Text 2 more general text editors(e.g C++ files , Objective - C files etc) while Coda 2 is more focused to web.

Bbedit gives me the opinion of a 'heavy' text editor and I regret that I've bought it. I prefer Sublime Text 2.

I guess the best bet is to download the trial version and see what works best for you.


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Jan 10, 2007
If you're looking for ONE editor for all your needs, BBEdit is probably it. Very extensible. It's been around for a very long time and there is quite a bit of support for it.

Follow that link and root around. You'll find clippings, for example, that address Wordpress and JQuery,
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