One iTunes acct / multiple apple IDs (users)

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    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the right mix of search words so...

    I'm about to upgrade my iPad and plan to give my older one to my wife (who has resisted being assimilated :)) I have multiple devices sharing an Apple ID for iCloud sharing. She has her own login on my iMac but no Apple ID of her own; until now she has not needed sharing with any other device and I home share my iTunes library with her (so we're not fighting over the same library)

    Once I turn over the iPad to her, I'd rather she have her own Apple ID for sharing between her iOS device(s?) and her OS X login, but I'd prefer she continue sharing my iTunes account for buying anything so that whatever she buys will be on the same account and in the same library.

    Clear? Can this work? If would I set that up?

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    Yes, at the initial setup use the account you want to be her personal account for iCloud and then when the iPad is set up go into Settings and log into the iTunes Account you want in iTunes Store settings.

    Hope this helps,

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