one keyboard for both my mbp and windows desktop?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by selvage, Apr 8, 2011.

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    i have my windows desktop connected to a monitor. i also plug in my laptop into that same monitor thru a mdp to dp adapter. if i have a usb keyboard connected to my monitor will it connect to my mbp over a mdp to dp connection? im trying to conserve desk space
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    I've got several similar setups: At the office, I have the monitor hooked up to my MBP and I use CORD to RDP into the Windows PC and just use it on the Desktop monitor. This is nice, because the MBP is my primary computer and I just use the PC for Windows centric tasks. CORD is open source and much better RDP tool than the one available from MS (IMHO), you can find it here:

    In the studio, I have a Linux box and a windows box in addition to my MBP. There I use Synergy. Synergy is a network daemon that runs as a server on whatever machine has the Keyboard and mouse attached. You configure the same software as a client on each machine you want to be controlled by the server's keyboard and mouse. On the server you define where the monitors are in relationship to the monitor of the server. For example: To use the PC to right of your mac, you would just move the mouse to right side of the screen and magically you'll be controlling the PC. Move it to the left of the PC and magically your back to your mac.

    Synergy is open source and can be found here:

    A great open source GUI for Synergy on the Mac can be found here:

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