One Mac, one MobileMe, separate Apple ID, and now iCloud

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  1. Kevsource macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2011
    Hi all - I'm a recent convert to Mac and my wife and I have are trying in vain to understand iCloud on this first day of our signing up, but we can't make sense of it.

    Aside from iOS devices (we're not even thinking of those yet). here's what we have:

    - One Mac (Lionized), with one login / profile for us all, so everything on the Mac is useable by all.

    - My wife and I share one Apple ID for purchases from iTunes.

    - My wife has a MobileMe account that she migrated to iCloud today. She's had her own calendar, contacts (which got lost in the transfer; Apple is saying they're working on whether or not they can recover that info), docs, and mail.

    - I have an iCloud account which is the same e-mail addy as our Apple ID and have done nothing with it yet.
    Problems / questions:

    - iCal - My wife is currently signed into iCloud on the Mac, but if I go to log her out, I'm warned that her calendars and reminders are gonna get wiped off the Mac (that is, unless I manually back everything up and then import I guess when she logs back on?). I would think we'll be switching between iCloud accounts quite a bit on our Mac, so I can't imagine having to back up our calendars every time we log out of our accounts. Is there a fix here?

    - We haven't gotten to the issue of sharing music and photos yet - can my wife with her iCloud account share music that's on our Mac even though it's tied to a different Apple ID which happens to be the same ID / e-mail address for my iCloud account?

    I'm at the point of confusion where I'm sure I have other questions but I'm too bewildered to know what to ask. Bottom line is we don't want to lose anything in a sync, we don't want stuff disappearing, we want to be able to move music around from our one huge library, we'd like to keep mail, docs, calendars, etc we need completely different profiles on the Mac? If so, can we get at our one iTunes library? Our photos?

    Help! :D And, thanks in advance for any sage advice!
  2. Kevsource thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2011

    Gee, with an opening tome like that, methinks I should turn off this nutty iCloud thing, put my head down and take a nap, because I obviously need one. :)

    Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated, but since we're really not pushing anything to iOS devices, this whole exercise might be a little premature.


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