one main logic board -- Many flavors. Why Not?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by zipur, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Why doesn't Apple just design a main processor board the size of a MBAir. give you the I5 or I7 and then release MB pro, MINI, IMAC and MBair all at the same time. Same spec just get to choose how big the Macbook or the IMAC is. They can spice it up with different video cards and memory and screens.
    Solid design, fast & cheap manufacturing. Refresh every year.
    Versus he dribble out all through the year. Plus it cuts the engineering dept. Oh and the extra space on the large MBP vs a MBAir, fill that up with batteries, usb port, remotes whatever.
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    Sounds good in theory. Here we see an NVIDIA graphics BGA package, on a rMBP main board.

    More here (read the comments at step 23):

    What you appear to be suggesting, is that the main logic board for the MacBook Air should have that same space available for the NVIDIA graphics, so the board can be used in the rMBP?

    Meanwhile Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and others, will be making their ultrabooks with a more compact main logic board that is optimized for an ultrabook.

    Edit: note that link is for an older cMBP, but the same principle applies... discrete graphics requires more main board space.
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    It doesn't. It increases the engineering required. Everything seems easy and simple when you're unfamiliar with the details involved.

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