One more speed bump in my quest for a mac

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Sweener88, May 4, 2006.

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    Apr 27, 2006
    On saturday i was planning on going to the opening of the apple store in toronto where i was going to purchase my first mac. a macbook pro. Now in other threads i have raised doubts about weather i should, here are some quotes from other members:

    "Personally I will wait a bit more, as it stands Apple was last heard to tried and C&D a site that posted a link to a piece of misinformation found it their MBP service manuals, and until official word is out that the fix is ready I really wouldn't trust them to retroactively fix the current machines that they have all boxed up and sitting in stock.

    After all you do want other suckers.. oh I mean Mac users to buy up these potentially troublesome machines right?"


    "I would say, buy direct from Apple online or over the phone for the latest

    However, if you choose to buy at your local store, talk to the sales manager
    before you buy your MBP and try to get a firm commitment that IF your
    purchase has any problems AT ALL, that he/she will allow you to exchange it
    no questions asked.

    No restocking fee etc.

    Otherwise tell the store manager that you want your MBP bench tested before
    you leave the store."

    this is my first mac and i dont know alot about computers, i dont want a faulty mac (after all apple has a good reputation for making it eay to switch) and i plan on asking the store manager or salesguy the following " iv herd theres been a number of revisions on the macbook pro, if i have version that has problems can i return it for a replacement?" however his advice will be biased since hes trying to make a sale, so im coming to all you experts once again, Should i buy the macbook pro, i need it asap for school/work and really want it and doesnt apple have to replace defective items? and lastly is there a site with all the revisions listed and problems with each so i can check my serial number the second i get home?:confused: please help as i want to get a mac VERY BADLY but dont want to kick myself later for trying to switch to much.
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    Jan 15, 2006
    My advice would be to go to the store in Toronto, and talk to a manager before you buy the computer. I'd just get specifics on what problems they'll allow you to return the computer for. Specifically, I'd ask about the whine issue, the computer getting too hot, and dead pixels. I think those are the issues that people have been having trouble with that haven't been covered by AppleCare. I'd say something to the manager like "I'm ready to buy the computer right now if you'll return it without any fees if I'm not satisfied". If the manager can agree to that, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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    Just one thing - make sure you get that promise in writing.

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