One of the biggest iPod Rip Offs.. EVER!


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Sep 4, 2005
1. Look at the Video/Nano mock-ups - look at this.
2. Its design - it comes in black and silver, with chrome rear.
3. It actually uses Apples wallpapers in its UI.
4. The UI is like some of the mock ups for a mini-OS X.
5. The way its controled, and layout the thumb pad - it practically a mock up Video iPod.
6. The makers (according to a Gizmondo article) have been quoted in saying something like "If we're going to rip off the iPod, we're going to rip it off good".
7. The advertising even uses the same 'theme' as Apple - the reflected gradient, and even goes as far as to use the iPod Mini's multi-coloured logo design.

Maybe people making mock-ups is a bad idea.. when stupid unknown Chinese companies come along and base their product line on them.

Pictures and proof:



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Aug 23, 2006
Competition is good. It will save you money. Unless you are an apple shareholder you should be happy.


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Oct 26, 2003
Cardiff, Wales
Watch the CNET video review of this. It looks SO cool! Scroll wheel too. I might get one before Apple closes them down :) It looks really good.

Has video player, FM tuner, pictures and 20 hour battery life. I want!


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Jun 3, 2006
One Nation Under Gordon
Bugs galore, apparently. That and something about MP3 playback being disabled on the shipped out firmware (but of course, there's nothing to stop the user from downloading the working firmware 'entirely at his own risk' ;) ) because Meizu hadn't paid the relevant licensing parties to implement MP3.


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Mar 29, 2004
josh.thomas said:
Surely thats an infringement on something?
I don't think Apple has a patent on "white MP3 players" or even "white electronic devices"...


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Jan 20, 2006
Reviewers actually like the Meizu M6, it's display is much bigger than the Nanos display e.g. (and has a higher resolution). Build and sound quality seems to be very high, and there are many features. Isn't the cheapest player in the world though... but so are the iPods.

And the design isn't so much of an iPod rip off, there are far worse. Some players look like an iPod... sans display. There was one that looked like an iPod, and had Zen (the Creative name...) written on it. And these things really looked cheap. The Meizu seems to be a high quality player that maybe has been inspired by the iPod... nothing more. And then... which player hasn't?

Why do you have a problem when some company other than Apple produces the player you have expected Apple to make? Gives Apple a reason to do it better ;) And don't think that all Chinese products are cheap and crap... there are quite a few high end audio companies from China. Stuff that is said to be of the highest quality (obviously I haven't heard the things myself since I'm nowhere near China and I don't have several thousand dollars to spend on a mono amp e.g.

I think it's a superb player if it's reliable... I would prefer it over the Nano... but then again I'm more a fan of iRiver, Cowon, etc.

Ps: Have you seen the Meizu M6 rip off? There really is another player, that looks exactly like the M6...! Or this thing... now that is a rip off!