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    Mar 24, 2012
    I have obtained some really helpful info here at macrumors lately. Since the system update last week I have had 3 glitches pop up. My sleep /wake function has not been corrected with either a restore or a hard reset. I'm on my way to the apple store tomorrow foursome opinions.
    However, I would like to ask if anyone has had trouble syncing aps and purchased materials. Songs , movies...
    I have about 65 apps in my library and after all the restoring and such I can not get but about 14 of them to appear in my new iPad. They seem to be the most recent aps I obtained ether free or purchased. Mostly purchased, iPad apps.
    At the end of the restore process there s a drop down list of dates upon which I restored my device. Approx 5 diff dates. I have gone through them and obviously the mst recent one is what I want to me up with.
    I just can't figure why I'm only getting the 14 specifically recent apps show up on my device.
    What seemingly obvious thing can I be overlooking.
  2. Rodster macrumors 68040

    May 15, 2007
    I personally would perform a full erase from within the iPad settings. See if that clears things up. If not see if Apple can help. :)
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    Mar 24, 2012
    Got to Tell ya, been solid as a rock since I started buying apples a few years ao. Been extremely lucky in every way. Spoiled actually. Never a nagging issue. Little blips only to be resolved easily.
    This ios6 has really disturbed the peace. I restored the device twice. That erases everything clean. I don't see why my back ups are not just settling in as usual. The device as severe insomnia...I must put it to sleep manually
    Off to the apple store tomorrow.
    Btw thanks
  4. Mikes2pads, Oct 8, 2012
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    Mar 24, 2012
    I really wish I wouldn't rush to ask the good people here trubshoot quest's until I spend more time exhausting poss fixes.
    The app s transferring or lack thereof was nothing. I'm only finding I'm not familiar with the new look of iTunes.
    If I would have scrolled while on the apps section ,I would have seen there's more. Easy transfer procedures. I just missed the layout apple put forth.
    Everything you need is there. Simple " check the app" check boxes next to them give you installation choices after restoring or such.
    Of course everything is now done correctly. I've always made the foolish mistakes while being able to figure the more complicated, unseen resolutions . This one takes the cake. By not scrolling down the page I missed the setup apple gives to re-install chosen or all apps purchased either all at once or separately checking the box next to each...

    Then there's been a problem with the device 's auto sleep function since the update. It stays awake until I manually tuck it in with the power button.
    Settings are correct so I touched the side of the ipad3 with a small magnet I have where it's magnet(s) are located and it did something because it nw auto sleeps again. Just a slight contact touch on the right spot did something to correct the week long issue.
    If it happened again I would take it into the apple store though. It should not need outside contact like that. But it worked.
    The "full erase" off the device's reset choices would have definitely been next to try but a simple ,slight touch with a semi strong magnet seemed to correct its insomnia. Coulda been wrong but damage was not a concern with the magnet. iPad cover lock setting remains in OFF position.
    I see zero issues at this point after a couple showed up right after ios6 update on my new iPad.
    Thanks for opinion Rodster

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