One thing some people don't realize

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    One thing some people don't realize what makes Macs so great. Xcode!!!

    I will never ever give up using a Apple/Mac as long as we have our Development environment!

    To me it's the Essence of a Computer. It's what separates winners from losers in technology.

    When I had my first Apple //e (or even Commodore for me I guess, but), I turned it on and nothing happened it just sat there with the green screen with the disk drive spinning, then I found the keystroke (control - reset) to get the ] bracket and block cursor. Then bought a book and found 10 Print "Hello World" 20 Goto 10 and then run.
    Then gr, hgr, and the rest is history.

    As I look back a computer isn't a computer unless you have the opportunity to Program it! and then others say "Hey I got this program, wanna buy it?" As computers have evolved this now means a full Development Environment. Basically the IDE.

    I know there are environments for Linux Ajunta, etc, but when I compare operating systems, I think about being on the run, blown out on the street, being FLAT as broke. Which any of us could be. Getting a job at McDonalds, Burger King, or just the Grocery store. Getting an apartment with nothing in it! Buying a sleeping bag and a pillow. Waiting 2 months walking to work riding the bus. Finding computer access. Going to eBay. Getting a Mac for $200 (G4) now Mac Pros even. Having Safari, using your cell phone with usb to tether the internet or bluetooth even. DOWNLOADING Xcode for Free.

    Now here is the KEY, in todays world, use your BRAIN!!!

    With a Mac, Safari (connected to the internet), and Xcode, you can do anything. I mean ANYTHING!

    That is not a bad system if you think about it for any of us to live in. I mean it's like with Mac you just can't hit rock bottom. Unless you break the law and goto jail!?

    If you just keep hitting rock bottom, and then back on your feet, start reading and writing and editing etc... and you can create software, or even music, or art. It's sick

    With Windows I don't see it. With Linux I don't see it. I know it's kinda there but you could be rock bottom, and in 1 year to 2, you could be make $50,000 a year.

    Now this not a Windows vs Mac vs Linux argument. To me it's just a statement of:

    If you have a computer a computer is a calculator the exudes opportunity and needs a foundation from the beginning.

    I just don't understand how if you try to use Windows you don't a FREE, 32 bit AND 64 bit full blown IDE, with ALL THE TOOLS!! ALL THE DOCUMENTATION!! I just say to myself what a shame Windows is. I mean it wasn't till just recently that they offered the free IDE (Visual Studio), like 2-3 years ago, (at least when I download) but that wasn't even 64 bit. On Linux you got work so hard for documentation.

    So essentially, to me, THIS is what makes Macs so great. People just don't realize all of the Programmers that at Apple working everyday to develop Xcode and Cocoa and other Technologies. Not to mention the developer website references, that give you everything to do anything...

    It's just crazy, Windows and Linux are light years behind, and it's weird!

    Thanks to all the Apple Development Teams and Thanks to Steve for the Opportunity that is: (NeXT) Objective-C and Xcode!!

    Hopefully Forever Free!!

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    Nov 26, 2007
    I agree that a computer isn't a computer until you can write programs for it on it, thus why iOS devices aren't yet computers, but for all my hatred of Windows, you're missing the fact that other, free and complete, IDEs exist for it. Nobody says you must use VS. I use Eclipse when I'm forced to program on a Windows computer, which is a free download. (I program in Java on Windows - since all code on Windows runs on virtual machines, I see no reason to pick C or C++ over Java... Plus that executable will then run on OS X and Linux without recompiling.)

    As far as Linux - I've never tried programming much on it, but it seems to me that finding stuff on SO ( is pretty easy for all things programming.

    But yes, I do love Xcode and my Macs that I use it on.
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    Sep 17, 2007
    No, they're not. Not at all. There are plenty of free programming tools available for Windows and Linux. It's not like Visual Studio is your only option if you want to write a Windows desktop app.

    I prefer Macs as development environments as well but don't make xcode into more than what it is. It's just an IDE.

    Google. It's easy to use.
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    Las Vegas
    I just don't see

    I just don't see a nice simple setup with an App Store where you can upload your app for approval when you are ready to make money, for Windows or Linux.

    I guess I kinda didn't exemplify my point enough, about being to start from:

    Bottom Zero -> Downloading Xcode -> Uploading to App Store -> Getting Paid.

    I think the Windows App store and their process is a little behind, and I don't even think Linux really has one "per say". I know there is an Android "Store" which is a cool but, this Xcode is really tightly integrated.

    I mean yeah you can download eclipse for any platform even Sun I think, and then go out and try and "find" work and sell your programs.

    But being able to just have nothing but a penny in your pocket and go from start to finish for as little as possible, I think Mac is way out in front.

    If you have an idea for something, a person with practically no experience and little knowledge, say an 18 year old out of high school, as long as they can do a little math, and can read, can get down the road easier with a mac ON THEIR OWN.

    They can make Mac Apps and iOS Apps, using practically the same code, relatively quick...

    Don't get me wrong I understand there are probably over 100 different options out there to program with, if not 1,000, for every platform, every architecture, every OS, every language etc...

    I am just a "Happy to Have Xcode Guy"

    I honestly don't even know how to write a program that supports 32 languages for Windows or Linux. I won't even make an App unless it supports 32 languages, for Mac tho it was a breeze... I'll learn on Android, and Linux, but I am done with Windows programming! Only on a AS NEEDED basis.

    My next task is to master Linux and Android and port my Apps to that...

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