One Thunderbolt, two 20" Cinema to an 11" MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by VJR021, Jul 11, 2014.

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    I am currently running my MBA with my Thunderbolt display. I have two 20" Cinemas that I use for my work Windows computer, but I am getting rid of that due to a job change.

    I'll be able to use just my apple for everything I need...

    Anyone have any ideas how I can use my Thunderbolt and both 20" cinemas with my mid-2012 11" MBA?

    Any adapters, display boxes, etc?
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    I don't think you would be able to run 3 external monitors even with the Air in clamshell mode/some peripheral attached. The specs page for the current Air (here) allow the internal display + one external, and that should be the same for your 2012 model.
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    Apple has a KB article about the amount of (Thunderbolt) displays you can use:

    If you use a Thunderbolt dock you can only use 1 display on the non-Thunderbolt port (usually hdmi or dvi), the other display has to be a Thunderbolt display or a non-Thunderbolt display hooked up to another Thunderbolt device (i.e. a second TB dock).

    If you want to use 2 or more non-Thunderbolt displays things get complicated. Matrox has some options for you. Those devices will present the 2 or 3 displays you connect to it as 1 display to your Mac so OS X will only see 1 display. It can be extremely annoying, especially when using apps fullscreen.
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    Oh well... I guess the 20" Cinemas are going to Craigslist... LOL

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