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    Switching to Mac. Are the one to one classes apple offers at their stores worth the time and money? My wife thinks she wants to take the classes to help with the new system. If they are not, I would purchase from B&H and save a fair amount of money.

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    I always prefer to buy Apple stuff at the Apple store. It's a matter of preference. I'll go out of my way and pass two Best Buys and a Microcenter with their mini Apple stores to go to the real Apple store. Sometimes a discount is enough to entice me to go to Microcenter instead but not that often. But it's just a matter of preference. I like being treated like I'm treated at the Apple store.

    There is no reason you can't buy your Mac wherever you get the best deal and then sign up for one on one when you get around to it. I used one on one and I found it to be well worth it. I came in with projects to do all set up and ready to go and I spent an hour with the Apple guy actually doing my project rather than fiddling with demos.

    When it comes to computers, saving a few bucks now can lead to big headaches later. These forums are full of people singing the praises of Windows 7 and how it's "almost as good" as OS X but as a daily user of both, let me assure you I find the Mac is better in every measurable way.

    I rarely use Dasboard, but when I want to see it, it works. On Windows 7, MS has "gadgets" which is a way to mimic the OS X Dashboard. Talk about epic fail. The Win 7 gadgets lose their minds on an almost daily basis. And I'm not talking about third party stuff here. I'm talking about the Weather and Clock gadgets that come from Microsoft. I have a grandfather clock that needs hand winding once a week. Its "Westminster" older non self adjusting pendulum mechanism was designed some time in the 18th century. My mechanical grandfather clock needs less attention than that Microsoft's Windows 7 clock gadget! Don't begrudge handing Apple a few more dollars for better quality and a better end to end user experience.

    The attention to detail, quality and reliability of Apple devices, from iPods to iPhones to Macs is the reason Apple rakes in 75 percent of the mobile phone profit in the world these days and is a more valuable company than Exxon. You have no compelling reason to avoid going to the Apple store to "save a few bucks" because money you spend with Apple is well spent. Relax. You will realize how much money you saved a couple of years from now when your Windows loving friends are replacing their 2 year old computers and yours runs exactly the way it did the day you bought it.

    All my Apple gear is "old" by today's standards...

    I have a 2005 G4 Mac mini running Leopard. Still runs fine.
    I have a 2008 white Macbook. Still runs fine (which means I can't really justify one of those shiny new Macbook Pros even though I'd like one!)
    I have various other Mac minis with nothing newer than an Intel core duo. All run better than the i5 based Windows box I use at work every day.

    Does your wife need the One on One classes? I'd say no. But They are still worth it. If you want to save a few bucks, you can buy your Mac anywhere and still take the classes at the Apple store but I recommend buying from the Apple store.
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    My Aunt did one to one and absolutely loved it.

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