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    Goodness. To think my only camera as of this morning was a 35mm SLR that I'd been using with manual focus for a fine art class.

    Well, at about 3:45 PM on Saturday, June 30, 2007, wmmk bought a used (LNIB with a spare battery and 512MB CF card) Canon EOS 1D. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. A real 1 series. My previous DSLR, which I sold to be able to buy the 1D, had 6 MP. I was a bit worried about going down to 4.2. Trust me, I'm not anymore. With a bit of genuine fractals, the beautiful pixels of the 1.3x crop CCD can be upsampled enough to make quite the crisp 19" x 13."

    That said, print size isn't really where this camera shines, but it's nice to know that it gets by. The only reason that was I avoided Canon for my first DSLR was the fact that Nikon and Pentax made consumer and prosumer models with outstanding ergonomics. Well, I've held a D2Xs, and, frankly, the 1D blows it out of the water. The vertical grip is very usable and has conveniently located controls. Most importantly, however, my hand was able rest very naturally on the very large, rubberized camera.

    I know that some complain about high end DSLRs having a "learning curve," but with a minute or two, I was able to figure out most of the 1D's vital features.

    Anyway, I didn't buy this camera for resolution, ergonomics (although this was a nice bonus), or ease of use. I bought it for speed. What kind of speed? Blazing speed. 8.3 frames per second kind of speed. Autofocus in a fraction of a second in a 2EV room kind of speed. Let it suffice to say say that is fast. Really fast. Have I mentioned how fast it is?

    To add to the sweetness of this deal, I picked this up for the same price of a Rebel XTi kit (with 18-55 and 2GB card).

    I'm really ecstatic about this incredible camera. I have a feeling it'll serve me well for quite a while.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Congrats! I am so jealous of the 1 series, was thinking of purchasing a MK 1 myself solely for portraits instead of a new 30D upgrade whenever its out. Sounds like you got an awesome deal, and I'm glad that the learning curve isn't too bad. I'm seriously considering it after hearing that it's FAST, I don't think I am able to fathom it yet. I've read that the 1D is a jewel at such a low price these days, I can't wait until the MKII drops down a bit too, but that may be a while. I'm excited to see some samples b/c I hear that the 4 megapixels of the 1D is still sufficient for 8X10 prints correct?

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