ongoing mount problmes, and Who's been saving on MY iDISK!!!???

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    Sep 20, 2007
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    Has anyone found a consistent way yet to mount iDISK. There were a lot of suggestions on a previous thread: http://idisk.mac/username,, etc. etc, using https, using the command prompt, using the iDisk utility.

    I’ve got them all to work, just not very often!. I have to try ten or more attempts to mount! I am appalled. I suspect the problem is at Apple’s end.

    MORE INTREUGING though, yesterday I found about twenty files appear in my Documents folders (mainly PDF's) belonging to someone else.

    Given no one knows my password and ony two people know my user name (I don't use my "Me-mail" as a primary email account) how on Earth did these files get there!!!!
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    Jun 5, 2007
    Use local iDisk

    Use local iDisk. It is always available in your finder.... Works for me but many have complained.

    The files on your iDisk that aren't yours would have had to been put there by apple by mistake if what you say is true... Very wacky, Wacky

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