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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by nickarmadillo, Jun 22, 2010.

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    So, I've been looking around online for my first home theater system. I know, I know ... HTIB isn't exactly the best decision when it comes to sound quality, but cost and simplicity are definitely factors in this case. I've managed to find two attractive Onkyo HTIB systems. The first is a SKS-S3300 (brand-new, 5.1, 660W, HDMI and all new audio codecs) for $286. The second is a HT-SR800 (used, 7.1, 1000w, limited to optical audio and last-gen audio codecs) for $180. My intended use is in my apartment living room (appx 15x15) for music, computer gaming, and the occasional movie. If I go with the 800, I will likely run it in 5.1 mode and move the extra two speakers to my bedroom to run as a stereo system. Which, if any would you recommend? Any other suggestions within the same price range (not looking to spend more than $300 - I know I'm not going to get super great sound, but I'm a student, so give me a break :p)?
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    For under $300 buy a stereo system. $300 is not enough to buy even four decent spekers.

    With audio systems the best advice is ALWAYS buy the speakers FIRST. and to spend about 2/3 of the budget on the speakers. then spend the rest of the budget on the amplifier. You are doing it backwards, thinking about electronic first. Forget about the amp until you have speakers, those are what you will listen to. The difference between the sound of one amp vs. another is so small that you would need some high eand spekaers or strudio headphones to notice. Speakers however make a dramatic difference, put all your available budget into the speakers

    OK for $300, you can buy apair of Polk Audio M70 for $250 a pair. Then go down to the local thriift stor. Salvation Army has stereo and AV amps for $35 per box. Any of these will do as long as it is a well known brand and has 100WPC.

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